Vultur and Portis a winning combination

From now on, Vultur's Dapps will integrate the Portis service, know more and win some Ethereum.

We know that using Dapps is complicated, between Gas, GWEI and Metamask everything is complicated a little more, from now on that will not be a problem, forget Metamask, it’s time to use Portis.

Vultur and Portis

Thanks to our pet Dapp:, Portis offered us to implement their services, after a few tests, the Portis service we found perfect for the approach we have in Vultur, bringing the Dapps to common users.

From now on Vultur Petregistry and Vultur Social Dapps will have Portis service, so you can use our dapps easily.

What is Portis?

Portis is a revolutionary service that allows any user in the world to access a dapp and sign transactions without requiring an external service such as Metamask or Trust Wallet to name a few. Its operation is as simple as using your PayPal account but with Ethereum, every time you need it, you log into your Portis account and you can interact with your favorite dapps or send tokens and Ether from anywhere in the world where you can have Internet access.


  • Multi platform: Nothing like donating to social campaigns in Vultur Social from your cell phone.
  • Secure: End-to-end encryption.
  • Enter in seconds: Check your balance, move Ether and tokens, just a click away.


I’m glad you asked, yes, we have an Airdrop and what’s best: Portis gives you 1 USD in Ethereum to participate in our next contest. Watch our news!