Project progress October 2018

Dear decentralized community, as you have seen in recent weeks the team has made a number of actions and progress in the project,

Dear decentralized community, as you have seen in recent weeks the team has made a number of actions and progress in the project, I invite you to know what has been done and what will come in the following paragraphs.

Introductory video of the project

Our team has made a video explaining the characteristics of the project and the applications developed so far, additionally has established an introductory video that will serve as a tray for all future publications. Remember to give like and follow us in our Youtube channel

Integration and listing in

In our efforts to bring decentralized applications closer to the community we have been constantly working with the company Portis, which provides an alternative to Metamask in a simple, secure and simple way.

From now, Vultur’s applications will integrate the Portis service where by registering your phone number you will get 1 usd in Ethereum, know more in this link.

New Dapp of Social Raffles

This application is made completely from scratch which includes user registration, reputation system and campaign management through smartcontracts, is already listed in StateofDapps and has the following features:

  • Instant multi-language: Switching languages has never been easier, it works like magic.
  • Cost savings: To create a campaign is practically free, we have reduced the cost of gas in the contracts keeping only what is necessary in the blockchain.
  • Drawing System: We use the Oraclize service to generate random and transparent draws.

What’s next?

The first weeks of the month of October the following tasks have been programmed:

Vultur Social

The Beta process will be completed by gathering all the feedback to move on to the creation of real campaigns, the first causes will be in help of animals, we have maintained contact with different organizations, you have to be attentive because the campaigns are with limited time.

  • Explanatory video: An animation agency (2d) will be given the script for an explanatory video about Vultur Social narrated in English and Spanish.

Pet Registry

In the second week, the registration of pets will be optimized from scratch, its aspect will be changed and work will be done on an official logo of the application to be launched to the main network and start its diffusion. The following tasks will also be carried out:

  • Implementation of multilanguage.
  • Improvements in the graphical interface.
  • Improvements to smartcontract.
  • Portal registration of lost pets.
  • After the contract is in the main network, the development of a mobile data query application will be evaluated.

Vultur Share

During the second fortnight will be written the contract and the implementation of an application that allows entering orders to sell tokens to a contract, this retains the tokens, when the buyer sends the required Ether that contract executes the transfer to the buyer and the bidder, all at the same time, simply, safely and without hands in between.

If the application is successful they will be included:

  • A system of reputation.
  • Integration of other tokens (Tron, Maker, etc).
  • Escrow system.

Dapp for creation and registration of all type of Events

An idea that we had in mind for a long time (like many others in our Trello) we will use the “engine” of Vultur Social to develop an smartcontract to create events such as: meetings, meetings, recitals, talks and whatever you want.

All this with a system managed by the smartcontract, if the event is not made the contract will return the price provided, and if, we plan to implement Vultur token as a means of payment or as a discount system to the value of tickets.

This application requires a process of branding, development and testing so it is expected to be operational in early December.

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