The unstoppable pet database

World Pet Registry

The unstoppable pet database, save information about your pets on blockchain within a decentralized system.

Decentralized application (dApp) that enters through an Smart Contract, the data of pets and animals in a secure environment, maintaining the characteristics of immutability that grants the Blockchain of Ethereum.


Blockchain: A solution to data management.

The application data is not hosted on a server but is stored in a chain of blocks, ie each data is hosted in millions of computers around the world, which ensures security, integrity and permanence of them.

Detected Problem.

The current records have information stored in a central server, which is exposed to computer attacks, manipulation and even inappropriate use of data. In addition, there are socio-economic barriers that prevent citizens from registering their pets, the high costs of chip implementation and the limited number of species that can be registered added to the great dispersion of databases that are distributed among social organizations, state and private, generate disorder and distrust among the community by not offering a global data system of our pets.


Proposed solution.

With the creation of a decentralized database that has no barriers or demands, it is possible to maintain a worldwide registry that does not depend on a server, government or organization maintaining the characteristics of the Ethereum network: immutable and permanent. Even if the project is not operational, the web and the registered data will be available to be consulted from any platform anywhere in the world.


– You can consult information of your pets from any part of the world and device.
– It admits the registration of multiple species.
– In case of not using Chip it is possible to create a numeric ID to use in plate or ring of registry.
– Allows you to change the status of pets: alive, lost, injured or deceased.
– When a pet is registered as injured, it allows others to make donations in Ethereum to the owner’s Wallet.
– When a pet is reported as lost it will appear on a list intended for
for these situations.

Double innovation, a blockchain system to host images.

Interaction between IPFS and Smartcontracts

The pet registry offers the possibility of uploading the main image of our animals to the Interplanetary File System (IPFS) a disruptive system that allows us to host our files in a chain of blocks.