Consultations with the Oracle in Smartcontracts

A simple explanation of how contracts work with random numbers.

In smartcontracts and blockchain in general, obtaining external data seems like a challenge, even more so when it comes to obtaining random numbers. Next, we’ll explain in simple words, what oracle queries are and why they should matter to you.

So, what is an Oracle?

For ancient Greece, the oracle is the answer given by a god to a personal question, as a method of divination. The oracles can only be pronounced by some gods, in the precise places, on certain objects.

In our case, the intelligent contracts in a native way cannot obtain information from external sources as any programming language could usually do, we need an external service, a “deity” that gives us the knowledge of the Olympus.

What is the use of an Oracle?

The oracle serves for specific cases and are used mainly for the safe obtaining of random numbers in contracts that require it, in general, a smartcontract that is based on draws and has no external calls can not be considered as a transparent and safe draw, which is why Vultur contracts that use draws or random numbers will integrate calls to the Oracle to obtain a secret factor that determines the winner of a list of participants.

This is how the oracle call process works (in our case Oraclize) starting from the Smartcontract that makes a call to another Oraclize contract and this one connects and obtains data from external sources, in the case of the image.

Is there any Dapp I can try?

Of course, if you like to bet you can try // (under your own responsibility) I at least lost a dollar … the contract has 2.2 ETH accumulated not bad not bad not at all?

To summarize, smart contracts generate random numbers that can be guessed and managed by miners, which requires an external service to obtain such numbers securely and reliably, the service is known as Oracle.

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